Frequently asked questions

Why ForeverMemoir?

Our memoirs provide a creative alternative to the traditional means of eulogising the life of your loved one. Beyond a newspaper obituary. Beyond a radio announcement. A memoir captures the true essence of a life lived. Photos and videos. Submission of fond memories and final farewells. Easy distribution of information from advertisement of funeral ceremony to electronic obituaries and orders of service. We provide a space for eternal rememberance of those we love.

How does it all work?

Remembering your loved one through our memoirs allows families to submit treasured photos, videos and stories that tell the story of the life of your loved one. We then present these in a beautiful and functional layout which preserves their memories for as long as you wish. We provide you with a link to you memoir which you are encouraged to share with all family and friends. That way they can share in the memory and even share their own memories. Memories and sympathies submitted via your memoir will be directed to an email of your choice where they can be forever cherished.

What media can I add to my memoir?

You can submit any photos, videos, documents (eulogy, obituary) preferrably in electronic form.

What if I don't have any photos?

Let's start with their social media accounts. These days the average person posts an endless catalogue of their life and experiences on their social media accounts. These are a wealth of digital memories perfect for preserving their memory. Need help retrieving these photos? No worries. Just ask for our help.

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