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1. Determine whether you’ll need financial assistance. The average funeral costs about $10,000 on average, which is an enormous burden on many families. While there are many ways to save money on a funeral, you may want to consider financial assistance.

2. Look into veterans’ benefits. If your loved one was a veteran, you may be able to get financial assistance with the funeral or burial. Find out more by contacting the Barbados Legion or the Barbados Defence Force or visiting their website at

3. Choose funeral participants. If you want friends or family members to give eulogies, do readings, sing, be pallbearers or participate in another fashion, reach out and discuss this with them.

4. Set the funeral schedule. Determine the time and place for any events, and for structured events (such as a formal service), write down an ordered list of everything that will happen.

5. Order printed materials and flowers. If you want programs, flowers or other items at the service, order them a few days in advance. You can often order them directly through the funeral home, which will minimize coordination on your part, or if you prefer you may shop around.

6. Coordinate food and drinks, if desired. It’s not uncommon to have food available at a funeral reception or celebration of life. You may choose to provide food yourself, work with a caterer, or hold the event at a restaurant where guests can purchase their own food and drinks. Any of these options are completely acceptable and just depend on your personal preference.

7. Spread the word. An online funeral announcement is often the easiest way to share event details with friends and family. For older folk who may not use the internet regularly, you can send a paper funeral announcement or arrange for people to call them and let them know.

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